Weekly Update Oct 31

We will keep this short and begin again with a familiar statement.  Rates remain relatively flat week over week with high volatility.  Instead of digging into all causes for this volatility, we will try to stay focused.  The big news this week revolves around employment numbers yet again.  As you may recall, mortgage rates started its most recent trend upward back in early September after strong hourly earnings number were reported.  Rates turned up again in October when the ADP released its strong employment numbers.  Although the increase in rates were followed by pull backs, it creates a high amount of volatility.  And more jobs and earnings reports will be released this Thursday and Friday.  We believe these reports will either push rates higher or they will remain flat.  It is highly unlikely these reports will cause rates to drop.  If you have any clients who have not locked in their rates, be cautions!  Under worse case scenarios, your clients could be out big dollars or NOT be able to qualify for the same home they could have weeks or months ago.  As always, make sure you are working with a mortgage professional who understands the markets!